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Some suggestions for owlready

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I have some suggestions for the future of owlready. I believe that owlready can do things more than DLs.

1. Can we implement all relations in math, see Binary_relation

2. Define more operations on relations (and/with classes), especially, composition: Sā€‰āˆ˜ā€‰R. I mentioned PropertyChain in a post, but it is not really the composition. Definition is difficult, and maybe not fit for owlready.

3. Define a parser translating DL expressions to owlready, for example (roughly)
'A<=B'  ==> class A(B): pass
'x: A'  ==> x = A()
'some y:B R x, y'  ==> x = R.some(B)()

A more ambitious idea is translating natural languages to owlready expressions.