Owlready2 0.4 release and article in AIM

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Owlready2 0.4 release and article in AIM

Hi all,

Owlready2 0.4 has been released on PyPI (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Owlready2). The main new features are:

* the defined relations can be queried for a given individual (using the .get_properties(), .get_inverse_properties() and .get_relations() methods)
* improvement of the .search() method, which now takes into account inheritance and inverse relations
* optimisation of recursive request in SQL
* several bug fixes

In addition, I have published an article in 'Artificial Intelligence In Medicine' that details Owlready version 2:

Lamy JB. Owlready: Ontology-oriented programming in Python with automatic classification and high level constructs for biomedical ontologies. Artificial Intelligence In Medicine 2017;80C:11-28

If you use Owlready in scientific works, please cite this article.