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Hi all,

Owlready 0.34 is out!

Here are the changes:

* NEW FORUM ADDRESS: http://owlready.306.s1.nabble.com
* Support SPARQL property path expressions with parentheses without sequences, repeats or negative property set nested inside repeats
* Add define_datatype_in_ontology() global function for defining a new user-defined datatype in an ontology
* Class.instances() now takes into account equivalent classes (like other class methods such as .descendants())
* Add the LOADED(iri) SPARQL function
* Support Thing.is_a.append(...)
* Faster loading of very large quadstores
* list(onto.metadata) now lists the annotations present on the ontology
* Add OntologyClass and NamespaceClass argument to get_ontology() and get_namespace(), allowing the use of custom classes
* Bugfixes:
  - Accept UTF8 and latin encoding from reasoners (thanks Francesco Compagno)
  - Fix SPARQL query with a UNION without variables
  - Fix semantic type support in UMLS
The new version be downloaded from PyPI (Python Package Index):

Best regards,