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Hi all,

Owlready 0.41 is out!

This version introduces some works on thread-based parallelization. The parsing of huge OWL file is now faster
(about 25% faster on GO), and Owlready can execute SPARQL queries in parallel. Please refer to the doc for more info

Here are the changes:

* Parallelized huge OWL file parsing (about 25% faster on GO)
* Parallelized SPARQL queries (see owlready2.sparql.execute_many() and execute(spawn = True))
* Bugfixes:
  - Fix Class.INDIRECT_get_class_properties() with restriction on Inverse(Prop)
  - Fix Restriction of type HasSelf
  - Fix delattr in destroy_entity()
  - Fix blank nodes importation from RDFlib
  - Fix ', + and - in FTS search
The new version be downloaded from PyPI (Python Package Index):

Best regards,