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Hi all,

Owlready 0.37 is out!

Here are the changes:

* Accepts localized language codes, such as fr_FR or fr_BE, and wildcard fr_any
* Add 'update_is_a' optional args to Ontology.destroy()
* Bugfixes:
  - Fix individual.INVERSE_prop update when prop is functional
  - Fix performance regression on complex SPARQL queries with OPTIONAL
  - Fix declare_datatype after a World has been closed
  - Fix Pellet reasoning on blank nodes (ignoring them)
  - Fix Pellet reasoning on strings data property that include comma ","
  - Fix boolean constant 'true' and 'false' in SPARQL engine
  - Fix INSERT SPARQL queries with UNION that insert RDF triples without variables
  - Fix SPARQL queries with only a FILTER NOT EXISTS in the WHERE part
  - Accept empty lines at the beginning of NTriple files
  - Support non-ASCII characters when parsing SWRL rules

The new version be downloaded from PyPI (Python Package Index):

Best regards,